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15. března 2008 v 12:27
Yes people its true. No he wasn't married before, but he is married now. It all went down yesterday Sunday, March 9, 2008!
He married Jamia his long time girlfriend.
No details have been revealed as of yet.
The only confirmation anyone has so far is a bulletin posted by Bouncing Souls through Myspace, congratulating them.
Here is the bulletin and what it said…
Hey Everybody!

Me, Pete and Bryan are at Bryan's place in Ny today workin on some new tunes and learning a Johnny Cash song for a compilation. We have some great new ideas that are gonna turn into some sweet tunes.
Yesterday we all enjoyed celebrating the wedding day of our good friend Frank from My Chemical Romance to his beautiful wife Jamia. It was a fine family gathering which ended up in us singing a couple of Frank's fav Souls songs. Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio jumped up to sing along to an acoustic version of Night On Earth. He also did 3 of his songs on acoustic. Acoustic Skiba = goosebumps.
Congratulations to Frank to Jamia and much Love to you both.
Have a Good Day All,
The Souls

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1 Love.Halloween Love.Halloween | Web | 15. března 2008 v 16:24 | Reagovat

škoda, že se k tomu zatim nevyjádřili mcr....ale tak snad se už brzo objeví nějaký bližší info i nějaký další fotky......:)

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